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Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

What is a bitcoin hardware wallet?

A bitcoin hardware wallet is a device that allows you to store your private key (secret) for every bitcoin address that you have.  Bitcoin hardware wallets facilitate sending and receiving bitcoin as well as reporting your bitcoin balance.  A bitcoin hardware wallet allows you to securely store your bitcoin while keeping your private keys “offline” and not accessible to hackers.  Bitcoin hardware wallets have built-in security features which prevent unauthorized users from accessing your bitcoin.  Bitcoin hardware wallets also have backup features that allow you to recover your bitcoin should you ever lose your hardware wallet or should it be destroyed.

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Bitcoin hardware wallets keep you bitcoin safe and away from hackers.  You can protect your bitcoin and sleep safe at night knowing that your bitcoin are safe in your bitcoin hardware wallet.

Backup & Recovery

You may ask “What if I lose my bitcoin hardware wallet?”  If your bitcoin hardware wallet is lost or destroyed you can still retrieve your bitcoin easily with these quality bitcoin wallets.

Send/Receive Bitcoin

Bitcoin hardware wallets also allow you to send and receive bitcoin and with added security.  Make a transfer and then disconnect your bitcoin hardware wallet from the internet.