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Ledger Cryptosteel Back & Nano S

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Cryptosteel is the premier indestructible backup tool for optimal offline storage of your recovery phrase (24 words backup). Much more durable than paper, the Cryptosteel resists fire, water, shock and wear. It will safeguard your 24 words for eternity.

Includes Cryptosteel & 2 Ledger Nano S bitcoin hardware wallets

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When you own cryptocurrencies, what you really own are “private keys”. They are a unique and critical piece of information which is used to sign your cryptocurrency transactions and move your funds to a new address. Whoever has access to this data can have access to your assets.
These private keys are safeguarded inside the secure chips of Ledger hardware wallets, but they also exist as a physical backup on the form of 24 words. It is called a “recovery phrase” and is used to reinject the private keys in a new device in case of loss or destruction of your hardware wallet. Note that the “private keys” and the “recovery phrase” are exactly the same information: only the representation is different – binary in one case, human readable words in the other.


Your Ledger hardware wallet is safeguarding your private keys, but anything can happen to the device (destruction, theft, malfunction…) and therefore you always need to keep a backup for emergency recovery. While you daily use it, you do not have to remember or type this recovery phrase, the Ledger device stores it for you, you simply have to enter your PIN code. But your recovery phrase is your backup, the indispensable way to recover your wallets, your accounts, your funds, in case of loss of your device. So it is definitely essential to have a safe and – as far as possible – indestructible backup of this seed. Let’s imagine your device has been theft, and / or your 24 words have been erased, burnt, thrown away by mistake. Your funds could be lost forever.



Ledger Cryptosteel is fireproof, shockproof, waterproof and anti-corrosive.


Protect your Ledger 24 words recovery phrase in an offline, permanent, resistant and original device.


100% stainless steel, double-side (each side can hold 12 words).


Assemble manually your Ledger Cryptosteel by yourself, and forget it until further use.

In the Box

1 – Ledger Cryptosteel

2 – Ledger Nano S

2 – USB Cables

2 – Instructions

2 – Recovery Sheets

2 – Accessories

Technical Specs


Size: 10,5cm x 6cm x 6cm.
Weight: 330g.


Any 12/18/24 recovery phrase. Can hold 96 characters. Over 245 letter tiles (uppercases, numbers and special symbols).


Brushed stainless AISI 304 steel. Fireproof up to 1200°C / 2100°F.


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